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mission aligned

Plumm's mission is to integrate mental health support with HR practices to create empowered workplaces. The platform combines HR solutions with mental health resources, using AI to enhance employee wellbeing and streamline HR tasks.


My mission aligns with Plumm's as I am dedicated to fostering supportive and thriving work environments by prioritising mental health and utilising innovative tech to improve work and life. By working with Plumm, I can contribute to a culture where employees feel valued, supported, and able to thrive both personally and professionally.

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Purpose-led storytelling is essential for a company as it weaves a compelling narrative that aligns the company’s objectives with its core values and mission. This approach bolsters brand authenticity, fostering deeper connections with customers and building trust.


By placing the purpose at the heart of the video content, it also attracts like-minded employees and partners, driving engagement and distinguishing the brand in a competitive market. Effective storytelling ensures the company’s message resonates emotionally, inspiring action and loyalty among stakeholders.

Free Yoga


Stories that showcase the positive difference Plumm's mission makes in the world.

Highlighting real-life examples of how Plumm's products and services address work and social issues.

Showcasing how Plumm empowers the people they serve


Stories that evoke empathy and inspire action from the audience.

Content that resonates with Plumm's target audience's values and aspirations.

Using relatable characters and narratives to connect with viewers on a deeper level.

Transparency and Authenticity


It’s important to show the human element to a brand. Who is behind the wheel? Whether it’s the leader, the team or the people receiving the support, every voice counts to drive home the message.

Authentic storytelling helps establish trust with the audience. Viewers are more likely to connect with and believe in stories that feel genuine and honest​ 

Effective messages are stories grounded in truth, highlighting the wins as well as the challenges.

Stories that encourage the target market to get involved and support their cause.


Content that provides clear pathways for action.


Metrics that track the impact of their storytelling efforts, not just engagement.

Bridging Business, Tech & Wellness
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at its core

Host, Asim has honest and authentic on-to-one conversations with guests that offers a safe space to be open and vulnerable.

Asim grows his own personal brand and identity, which will grows the Plumm's business.

Reach a wider audience by exploring the world of business, wellness and tech. 

Where curiosity meets conversation, and knowledge is shared one episode at a time.

Plumm's target market includes HR departments and business leaders looking to enhance employee wellbeing and productivity.


Plumm cater to organisations seeking to integrate mental health support into their HR practices, offering solutions like therapy, coaching, self-help resources, and AI-driven tools for managing HR tasks.


Plumm's services are ideal for companies that prioritise employee mental health and want to create a supportive and thriving work environment.

target audience

tone & vibe

The tone and vibe of a podcast are crucial as they shape the listener's experience and engagement, creating a connection with the audience, reflecting the brand's identity, and ensuring content is delivered in an engaging manner. A consistent and appealing vibe sets the atmosphere, fosters loyalty, and encourages active participation, making the podcast memorable and resonant with its target audience.


  • Diary of a CEO, Steven Bartlett

  • Happy Place, Fern Cotton

  • Modern Wisdom, Chris Williamson

  • Huberman Lab, Andrew Huberman

  • The Mel Robbins Podcast, Mel Robbins

  • On Purpose, Jay Shetty

  • The Tim Ferris Show, Tim Ferris

Dream guest

  • Tony Robbins

  • Mo Gawdat

  • Brene Brown

  • Bessel van der Kolk

  • Tim Ferris

  • Peter Attia

  • Jim Kwik

set and setting

in-person studio

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  • Authentic Interaction:

  • Dynamic Energy

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Technical Quality

  • Accessibility

  • Convenience

  • Flexibility

  • Cost-Effectiveness


  • Logistics

  • Travel Costs & Other Expenses

  • Limited Reach

  • Dependency on Environment

  • Technical Challenges

  • Lack of Personal Connection

  • Distractions

  • Audio/Visual Quality



Webinars hold significant importance for companies across various industries due to their versatility and effectiveness in achieving several key objectives:

1. Knowledge Sharing and Thought Leadership: Webinars provide a platform for companies to share valuable insights, expertise, and industry knowledge with their target audience. B

2. Lead Generation and Nurturing: Webinars serve as powerful lead generation tools, allowing companies to attract prospects by offering valuable content and information. 

3. Product Demonstrations and Training: Companies can use webinars to showcase their products or services, providing demonstrations, tutorials, and training sessions for customers, prospects, or employees. 

4. Engagement and Interaction: Webinars facilitate real-time engagement and interaction between presenters and attendees through features like live chat, polls, Q&A sessions, and interactive discussions. 

5. Global Reach and Accessibility: Unlike traditional events or seminars that may be limited by geographical constraints, webinars have a global reach, allowing companies to connect with audiences worldwide. .

6. Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to physical events or seminars, webinars are often more cost-effective to organise, requiring minimal resources for venue, travel, and accommodation. 

7. Data and Analytics: Webinars provide valuable insights into attendee behaviour, engagement levels, and preferences through data and analytics. 

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Featured Designers

As well as creating podcasts and webinars, there are many opportunities to create other videos to effectively communicate Plumm's value proposition, educate its audience, and drive engagement and conversion.

OTHer video concepts

For brand awareness:

  • Introduction and Overview Video: Create a concise and engaging video that provides an overview of Plumm's brand, products, and key value propositions. Introduce the company's mission, vision, and unique selling points to pique the interest of potential clients.

  • Explainer Videos: Develop animated explainer videos that illustrate how Plumm's products solve common challenges and address specific pain points faced by potential clients. Use clear visuals and simple language to convey complex concepts in an easily digestible format.

  • Concept Videos: Create unique videos for the brand to  attract new viewers and drive more visibility to the company. The videos offer a more stylised and informal approach to engagement and storytelling. 

  • Customer Testimonials: Compile testimonials from satisfied clients who have experienced success with Plumm's products. Showcase their authentic experiences, results, and recommendations to build trust and credibility with individuals considering the brand.

  • Industry Insights and Thought Leadership: Position Plumm as a trusted advisor and thought leader within the industry by producing educational videos on relevant topics and trends. Offer insights, tips, and expert advice to demonstrate the company's expertise and provide value to viewers.

For Clients Using the Product:

  • Product Update and Feature Release Videos: Regularly produce videos to announce new features, updates, and enhancements to Plumm's products and services. Showcase how these updates benefit clients and improve their user experience.

  • How-to Guides and Tips: Create instructional videos that provide clients with step-by-step guides on how to maximise the use of Plumm's products. Cover topics such as setting up accounts, navigating the platform, and leveraging advanced features for optimal results.

  • Case Study Videos: Develop case study videos that highlight specific client success stories and the tangible results they've achieved with Plumm's solutions. Showcase real-world examples, metrics, and testimonials to demonstrate the value of the product in action.

  • Client Support and Troubleshooting: Produce support videos to assist clients with common questions, issues, and troubleshooting tips. Address frequently asked questions, provide solutions to common problems, and offer guidance on how to get the most out of the product.

  • User Community and Best Practices: Establish a user community and produce videos that feature best practices, tips, and strategies shared by Plumm's clients. Encourage clients to share their own insights, success stories, and creative use cases to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Here are a few examples of concepts I have created before that offer a similar theme to Plumm:


Deeply influenced by the power of plants, animals and natural elements, the Shipibo are an indigenous community in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru, who are fighting to protect their culture and maintain their ancestral knowledge, despite years of invasion and colonisation.


This is a story we are all too familiar with — an indigenous community breaking down and now their knowledge and traditions threatened. But their culture is far from gone, the Shipibo are a very resilient community and through years of colonisation and conflict, they still stand strong, united to protect their knowledge and the environment that has served them for millennia.


This documentary will help the Shipibo people by stimulating a more conscious and direct economic growth to local people, and help support cultural and educational programmes that have been created by the family featured in the documentary. Awareness of their mission will help preserve and protect the people and the land they live on.

Music | Experience

Since 2017, I have supported the Shipibo community, to help protect and preserve their knowledge and traditions. The Shipibo are an indigenous community from the Amazon Basin of Peru, an Amazonian tribe that has stood the test of time. Whether it’s rubber barons enslaving their people, governments taking their land, the community have suffered at the hands of others throughout the ages. The Shipibo have a unique culture, particularly for their designs, language and shamans. Shipibo shamans hold thousands of years knowledge, past down by their ancestors.

Onanya is the result of discovering this community and receiving the call to support the Shipibo. I have been help raising awareness of their cause and supporting the development of the local projects, generating funds to build homes, teaching English to local children. 

Informative | Educational

XCO is all about creation, community and culture. Where art meets purpose, supporting young people to share ideas and shape the future. The breeding grounds for imagination and innovation.


XCO develops project in local communities, supporting emerging talent, creating positive futures. Our previous offerings include workshops, talks, studio space, creative strategy and advisory.


XCO is all about creation, community and culture. Where art meets purpose, supporting young people to share ideas and shape the future. The breeding grounds for imagination and innovation.


XCO develops project in local communities, supporting emerging talent, creating positive futures. Our previous offerings include workshops, talks, studio space, creative strategy and advisory.


XCO is all about creation, community and culture. Where art meets purpose, supporting young people to share ideas and shape the future. The breeding grounds for imagination and innovation.


XCO develops project in local communities, supporting emerging talent, creating positive futures. Our previous offerings include workshops, talks, studio space, creative strategy and advisory.

As we conclude this proposal, I want to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to present our ideas and solutions. Should you have any questions, require further clarification, or wish to discuss any aspect in more detail, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you for considering my proposal, and I look forward to the possibility of working together.

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