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Covid-19 has impacted every individual on the planet, country's brought to their knees, crippling economies. Whilst on our latest adventure to Peru, to film for the latest installment of the Onanya Documentary, we got caught in Peru's military-controlled quarantine. 


During this time we used the opportunity to follow the journey of British and US tourists staying in the Amazon Jungle, defying all the odds to find their way home and make the limited repatriation flights taking off from Peru's capital Lima. 


Peru is a country that has been deeply affected by Covid-19, health care is minimal, no oxygen tanks, ICU beds or doctors to help. It has cripple their way of life, their economy has hit hard, schools shut until 2021 with no alternative methods of education. They see the virus as certain death. Lower economic countries are being hit hardest and little support is out there for them.

Feature-length Documentary

Director: Paris Tume

Release Date: 2020

Covid-19: Stuck In Peru

Covid-19 Title Image.jpg
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