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Deeply influenced by the power of plants, animals and natural elements, the Shipibo are an indigenous community in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru, who are fighting to protect their culture and maintain their ancestral knowledge, despite years of invasion and colonisation.


This is a story we are all too familiar with — an indigenous community breaking down and now their knowledge and traditions threatened. But their culture is far from gone, the Shipibo are a very resilient community and through years of colonisation and conflict, they still stand strong, united to protect their knowledge and the environment that has served them for millennia.


This documentary will help the Shipibo people by stimulating a more conscious and direct economic growth to local people, and help support cultural and educational programmes that have been created by the family featured in the documentary. Awareness of their mission will help preserve and protect the people and the land they live on.

Heading 1


Feature-length Documentary

Director: Paris Tume

Release Date: 2020

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