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Paris is a dynamic and passionate film director who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Rising from humble beginnings, Paris found his passion for storytelling through various forms of media like documentary, TV, and music.

Paris was born in London to a family of creative thinkers. He was exposed to art, music, and psychology at a young age, kindling his interest in audio and visual storytelling. As a teenager, he started experimenting with documentary film-making, creating films that shed light on social issues and human interest topics. His talents quickly gained recognition, leading him to be recognised by major TV networks. 

As Paris's career progressed, he began working on music videos with established musicians and entered in the world of DJing and audio production, playing in clubs and festivals around the world, including UK, Ibiza, Germany and Australia. 

Today, Paris is able to bring together his love of music and documentary storytelling with social issues and cultural observation. Experiencing the ultimate connection through a journey of film, music and travel, weaving human connections one adventure at a time.

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Documentary │ Distribution

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Deeply influenced by the power of plants, animals and natural elements, the Shipibo are an indigenous community in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru, who are fighting to protect their culture and maintain their ancestral knowledge, despite years of invasion and colonisation.


This is a story we are all too familiar with — an indigenous community breaking down and now their knowledge and traditions threatened. But their culture is far from gone, the Shipibo are a very resilient community and through years of colonisation and conflict, they still stand strong, united to protect their knowledge and the environment that has served them for millennia.


This documentary will help the Shipibo people by stimulating a more conscious and direct economic growth to local people, and help support cultural and educational programmes that have been created by the family featured in the documentary. Awareness of their mission will help preserve and protect the people and the land they live on.

Community │Impact Campaign

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Since 2017, I have supported the Shipibo community, to help protect and preserve their knowledge and traditions. The Shipibo are an indigenous community from the Amazon Basin of Peru, an Amazonian tribe that has stood the test of time. Whether it’s rubber barons enslaving their people, governments taking their land, the community have suffered at the hands of others throughout the ages. The Shipibo have a unique culture, particularly for their designs, language and shamans. Shipibo shamans hold thousands of years knowledge, past down by their ancestors.

Onanya is the result of discovering this community and receiving the call to support the Shipibo. I have been help raising awareness of their cause and supporting the development of the local projects, generating funds to build homes, teaching English to local children. 


To find out more about the project and how you can support,

click here:

Documentary │ 2020

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Covid-19 has impacted every individual on the planet, country's brought to their knees, crippling economies. In March 2020, whilst on my adventure to Peru, to film Onanya, I got caught in Peru's military-controlled quarantine. 


Unable to film what I intended to, I used the opportunity to follow the journey of British and US tourists staying in the Amazon Jungle, defying all the odds to find their way home and make the limited repatriation flights taking off from Peru's capital Lima. 


To view the documentary, click here:

Community │ Creative Youth Service 

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XCO is all about creation, community and culture. Where art meets purpose, supporting young people to share ideas and shape the future. The breeding grounds for imagination and innovation.


XCO develops project in local communities, supporting emerging talent, creating positive futures. Our previous offerings include workshops, talks, studio space, creative strategy and advisory.

To express you interest in community collaboration,

click here:

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TV Platform │ Creative Director

I AM Sound TV brings you unique and conscious media from the world's leading thinkers, artists and wisdom keepers. Our mission is to activate and awaken, to engage and inspire. 

This is a holistic wellbeing platform for your mind, your body and your soul. We will hold your hand as you dive down the rabbit hole of self discovery and ancient wisdom. We believe that magic is as useful as logic and to know the difference between the two is priceless.

To see the content, click here

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